How Powerful is Web Video for Marketing Healthcare?

by Matthew O'Brien on April 3, 2010

“A picture is worth a thousand words…a web video is worth thousands of views!”

Medical Web Video

Most people prefer pictures and video over reading when it comes to the Internet. When you get into technical topics which are the norm in the medical field, the power of video is unmatched…especially on the Internet. Most medical professionals, health care providers and medical related businesses are missing the boat because they are not leverage the power of web video to drive traffic and create brand awareness for your business (it goes way beyond just having a YouTube account).

How does web video work?

We are going to share the results of a video campaign we implemented over a year ago and have received close to 100,000 views with some days reaching over 600 views per day and all videos are still ranked for the terms we were targeting (see an example for prostate biopsy exam).

Web Video Views

Over an hour of video was turned into 10 short videos based on an interview featuring two doctors on topics pertaining to prostate cancer, prostate biopsy exams and questions like, “Is a prostate biopsy necessary and frequency of prostate biopsy”.

Each web video was created based on our keyword research and the online conversation in social media around prostate cancer. We then referenced the most relevant search terms and published each video into the most relevant online marketing channels. Here are the ingredients to a successful web video campaign; keyword research, social media research, search engine marketing (and optimization) and the power of syndicating web videos to the top video web sites, podcasting sites, blogs and social networking sites.

The secret Mint Social sauce: Our 10 x 2 x 50 Strategy – 10 web videos created in 2 formats (one for viral marketing and one for social media optimization) promoted in up to 50 unique marketing channels. Note – since this project we now have the 10 x 3 x 100 strategy for web video…click here to request more details.

What were the results?

In less than 30 days the 10 videos were viewed over 2,600 times from the 13 channels tracked (and this was our worst month). After 14 months the videos have been viewed almost 100,000 times and are still receiving between 100-600 daily views.

These web video views are for extremely targeted search terms relating to prostate cancer and prostate cancer treatment.

Through our online marketing and syndication process, additional web sites and blogs have picked up and published these videos to further the online reach and increases viewership and branding. We also achieved top keyword rankings in Google for the targeted terms and in most cases we have multiple rankings in Google within the top ten.

Household Income

What is the demographic audience that web video reaches?

Many question whether web video will reach their target market demographic. With over two years of tracking demographic data on web sites like, the median age of viewers has risen sharply. In addition, the average income and education of video viewers is well above the U.S. average.

Marketing healthcare procedures with web video and the right content marketing engine is extremely powerful. You have the ability to reach millions. If over 75% of all online viewers are in places like and other top social networks, marketing to these websites is almost mandatory for achieving online marketing success. Web video marketing is a must, especially when education is necessary for your marketing message. Educational advertising with video makes healthcare marketing work. Please contact us if you would like more details on this Mint Social web video marketing case study.

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