Gelie Akhenblit and Matthew OBrien Help Define Social Networking for Business and Personal

by Matthew O'Brien on August 29, 2009

Networking Phoenix and Mint Social featured on Channel 3 – KTVK. Networking Phoenix founder Gelie Akhenblit says “I have a few sites I use religiously”. Gelie uses social media to promote her business. Her number one site for referrals is LinkedIn and getting over 500 referral hits per month. Her motto is half business and half personal. “You want people to get to know you as a person and but you also want them to get familiar with your business,” says Gelie who also uses Facebook and Twitter.

Mint Social founder Matthew O’Brien says, “if you want to use social media for business, start with LinkedIn (personal and business profiles). It was originally designed to help people find jobs and now is the number one social networking site for businesses. What is cool about social media is it not always about you but it is about the community and how you fit in.” For example, and both are great sites for music enthusiasts and if someone has the same music interests, you will connect.

Other sites that define social networking are,, and

Social media is about being yourself, doing what you are doing, figuring out what you are willing to share and those people will gravitate towards you.

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