What is SamePoint and Why Do I Care?

by Steve Heideman on October 1, 2009

social-media-roiSamePoint.com is presently tracking millions of conversations, taking place across in more than tens of thousands blogs and social media sites. User-generated discussions are typically not indexed by major search engines, such as Google, as they do not reside on static pages. SamePoint.com converts these discussions into web pages, or permalinks, and organizes them within a tag cloud.

Why Do I Care?

As user-generated conversations and content are becoming the dominant form of online media, consumers and marketers alike are seeking new ways to tap into the dialogue and become part of the conversation. Using a search engine like Samepoint can help you easily monitor conversations going on around your brand, product or service and allows you to inject your thoughts, feelings and solutions into these conversations.

Want to Learn More?

Check out the fresh info: http://samepoint.tumblr.com/

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