The Top 3 Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

by Steve Heideman on November 3, 2010

The folks over at created a list of the top 7 social media marketing Tips for the holiday season. We found them to be very insightful and encourage you to go and read the post when you have some time.  These are the three tips from the post that we enjoyed the most:

1. Give your social media profiles a makeover:

When was the last time you checked how engaging your social profile is? Social media is an extension of your brand. Use the holiday season to give your profiles a make over:

  • New twitter background: did you even realise you can customise your twitter background. Check out these backgrounds to get inspired.50 great examples of business branded twitter pages:
  • Business Pages on Facebook: Is it time to create a Facebook business page that is more interesting than just a feed of your business’ activity and discussions? Look at some of these company pages to see how you can take your business page to the next level.
  1. Redbull –
  2. GAP –
  3. L’Oreal –

Here’s a list of 40 more:

  • Blog Design: Let’s not forget our good old blogs. Perhaps its time to add some new banners, change the template or even update our widgets on our blogs to give them a bit more sizzle.

2. Build your followers and connections

The size of your social media captive audience is a key influencer on the success of your campaigns. So it’s important to build your audience so that when you distribute content, engage in conversations and share offers – there’s enough people listening/watching.

  • Migrate existing clients across to social media Use this as a time to try and encourage existing customers to connect with you via their social networks. It will provide you with another way to communicate with your clients outside of emails, the phone etc.
  • Encourage prospects and browsers to join your network Even if you don’t convert a prospect or browser on first visit, persuading them to connect via social media gives you further opportunities to engage with them which can help you convert them later.

3. Get more reviews

Peer reviews are becoming more and more important in people’s buying process. So have you checked how many reviews your business and products have? Are they positive or negative.

It’s important to encourage your new customers to post reviews (preferably positive) on the major reviews sites. Make it easy for them and suggest where to go after the sale (either in person or via follow up marketing)

Here’s a list of the some of the review sites to focus on:

Still not convinced that social media marketing is a big deal for your business? Here is a great video to put the size/scope into perspective:

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