Social Media and Content Marketing Workshop before SMAZ 9-9-10

by Matthew O'Brien on August 31, 2010

Interested in getting hands on experience that will change the way you do social media forever?

SMAZ3 OMS Social Media Workshop

Workshop before SMAZ 7-9am

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned social media participant, it is vital to understand the role social media plays in the current business landscape. We will re-visit the purpose of social media and how it has evolved as a business strategy. However, implementing a social media strategy with a traditional marketing mindset can be disastrous. We will cover the different approached needed for Social Media marketing vs. traditional marketing. Register Today!

Let’s face it, social media is a ton of work, especially to do it right. Our workshop with reveal some insider tips that rarely get shared on how to drive new business with social media and the tools we use. Most importantly, it will become easier to manage and a lot more fun…because you will get better results, a lot faster.

Topics Covered

– Finding your secret sauce in social media and content marketing

– Becoming the trusted expert in your industry

– How to choose the right social media outlets for your content marketing strategy

– Why social media doesn’t work without a content strategy

– Case Studies: Successes and failures of companies who have done great and lousy jobs

Key Takeaways:

  • How to implement reporting tools to track your ROI goals and objectives
  • What social media sites work best for SEO
  • Tools to reduce the time investment required by social media
  • Making social media fun!

About Fionn Downhill of Elixir Interactive

Fionn Downhill is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Elixir Interactive. Established in February 2003, We are a digital marketing agency that focuses on search and social media. We specialize in helping companies understand how their customers think and interact online and then use that information to develop highly targeted marketing programs. By leveraging our experience, technology and creativity, we are able to deliver results that generate sales, brand awareness and outstanding ROI.

About Matt O’Brien and Mint Social

Matthew O'Brien Mint SocialWith 20 years of experience in the digital media world, Matt O’Brien has worked for and with Fortune 500 businesses and has built companies from start up stage to exit strategy. In addition to founding Mint Social, Matt has developed educational curriculum for a major university on social media for businesses, is a founding board member of AZIMA (Arizona Interactive Marketing Association), founder of World Webinar Network and is active with many non-profit agencies in town.

Mint Social is a social media marketing and online branding company that accelerates online marketing by building content engines that increase visibility and reputation in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and in social networks. Mint Social helps businesses understand (through implementation) why social media and online branding is critical to online marketing success and provides the tools for delivering measurable results along the way.

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