MINT Social Featured as Infusionsoft Success Story

by Matthew O'Brien on March 27, 2015

Infusionsoft_As anyone who’s tried to create and maintain a company’s social media strategy can attest to, the process can be complicated to manage—from getting set up on and keeping track of the different platforms, to maximizing the strengths of each social network. It’s a chore for one company, let alone managing several corporate brands online. When CEO Matt O’Brien began MINT Social in 2008 as a social media marketing and online branding company, demand quickly outpaced his ability to satisfy client needs.

In order to achieve higher levels of marketing success for clients, MINT Social’s processes were geared toward applying social media and online branding strategies. To help manage and direct future growth, O’Brien brought on his partner Steve Heideman to round up the business’s technology marketing strategy. The pair soon implemented Infusionsoft to focus on “building automation sequences for internal operations, like new client implementation and ongoing content marketing needs.” This proved to be beneficial for business operations within MINT Social, and extended to their clients in the form of a scaled, customized four-week start-up process to accelerate online marketing strategies.

In building content strategies to increase client visibility on search engines and social networks, MINT Social creates content marketing engines that deliver marketing messages using various formats: video, presentations, articles, press releases, photos, podcasts, and more. Read the full article to learn how MINT Social utilizes Infusionsoft to help clients succeed.

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