Marketing Automation Success Story: Mint Social (via Infusionsoft)

by Matthew O'Brien on May 16, 2011

Article by Laura Collins – PR Manager at Infusionsoft:

Mint Social has used Infusionsoft for several years to automate workflow. Having an automated task-management system enables the company to grow its client base without having to add staff.

I recently sat down with the company’s Founder and CEO, Matt O’Brien, at InfusionCon 2011 and he gave me the scoop on how Infusionsoft helps Mint Social get more customers.

Mint Social Becomes a Scalable Business Using Infusionsoft

Mint Social created an automated task-scheduling system. Every client gets exactly what they were promised. Customers are up-and-running in 30 days or less because Infusionsoft keeps the Mint Social team on task.

“Our of our team members have tasks they are accountable for getting done,” explains O’Brien. “If one team member doesn’t finish a task, the next trigger doesn’t go. These automated reminders make sure that even when we’re overwhelmed we stay on track and grow as a business.” Having an automated system in place for managing the task schedule has helped Mint Social grow way beyond 25 clients. “Without Infusionsoft we wouldn’t be scaling the business like this,” says O’Brien. “I don’t have to grow my employee base as I increase in customer size.”

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