Is Google+ a Fad or a Trend?

by Matthew O'Brien on August 22, 2012

google-Plus-Fad or trend-Mint-Social-media-marketingGoogle+ has been grabbing a lot time and attention of the Mint Social team. The last thing anyone wants to do, even us in the business, is having to keep up with yet another social networking site. Fad (wait) or trend (get started)?

Google+ is now the fastest growing social network. This may not be as impressive as it having the highest user satisfaction over any other social networking site. Facebook is not experiencing this kind of love. Facebook Timeline was forced on us all and my wife, who fought it all the way, was just switched over by Facebook a few days ago. This deadline and requirement by Facebook to switch to Timeline is an example of social networks willing their change on their users vs. adopting change by choice. I think Google+ is playing this same game of willing their might on us, but this time, Google got social networking right.

In this month’s #AZIMA event, keynote +Tim Moore of CrushIQ described Google+ as a ‘digital fiber mesh’ over all of Google’s products to make it a bundled solution.
Google+ digital fiber mesh

Thank you Tim Moore for this great illustrating of the “Big Picture” at Google. Think of fishing with a net where we are the fish and Google+ is the fiber mesh ‘net’ that we all get caught in. All things Google are getting bundled into Google+ and this is driving relevance in search results. Search and social are now combined into one medium.

You are starting to see more Google+ profiles being displayed in SERPs. The lines of social media and search marketing are officially blurred. Still debating on if G+ is a fad or Trend?

Facebook and Twitter are not indexed by Google so your social activity in these sites will not impact search relevancy in Google like Google+ does. However, your blogs, websites, video sites, photo sharing networks and other social networks that Google indexes will impact search results. How to become an influencer in your business niche has never been more clearer to us digital media marketers…and now hopefully you.

Google+ is much like Facebook in that your personal account is the key to the network. There are personal and business pages and they behave independent of one another…just like Facebook. Here are some tips to make sure you have in place before you put too much effort into G+:

  1. Social media and content marketingMake sure your Google+ business page is Verified – Add your badge on your website.
  2. Add and verify when possible all of your social media profiles and blogs on your Google+ profile page.
  3. Claim your blogs and other websites that you are an author on. Here is a link to learn how to do this on WordPress sites.
  4. Claim your YouTube account that is connected to your Google+ profile (also enables Hangouts). Key point: if you have a YouTube account tied to another gmail email, you can transfer this account to another Google+ account but you can only transfer the account to a gmail account with an unclaimed YouTube account.
  5. Direct more time and effort to growing your circles and network in Google+, especially if you want to be more relevant in national and local search results.

Which social networks do you see as ‘Fads’ or ‘Trends’? Google+ is a trendsetter.

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Vincent September 28, 2012 at 7:31 am

I’d say Google+ is probably the biggest kept secret of 2012. Incredibly useful for SEO, and at the same time connects you to your other social media. I love the platform and hopeful in 2013 G+ will get a whole lot more popular!


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