How to Create a Blog Post With Google Voice

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by Matthew O'Brien on November 11, 2009

There’s a lot of talk about social media and the need for individuals and businesses to get engaged with the conversation or relinquish control. Is this too harsh of a statement? Social media is a time commitment and keeping up with creating fresh content can be challenging. So here is social proof that with the right tools and a good foundation (we call it your Social Media Footprint), it can be easy, efficient and effective.

So what is Google Voice and is it a tool that can help simplify your life…especially as it relates to social media? The idea here is to leave a voicemail on your Google Voice account and have Google translate the voicemail into text which you can then use as a blog post. Sounds simple so I tested it out. I will use this as the basis of my blog post.

So how does it work? Go to and if you have a gmail account,  you can simply just sign in to your gmail or whatever Google account you have and type in the URL. Here is the link to get an invitation to join (it is by invite only while they are in beta): Give your name, your email address and it’s about 4 days to get the be access email to sign up and start your account.

google-voice-for-creating-blog-postsDoes it work for creating blog posts?  The first time was a little rough since thinking and talking out a blog post is something I need to refine my skills at but I love it. I think the time limit for voice messages is 3 minutes and 18 seconds. Certainly long enough for a blog post. You can use your current cell number or get a new one however you get a new number as a byproduct so now sure how this plays out. Call your cell phone, leave a message and then you get your voice message sent to you in text and in a audio file that is embeddable, uploadable, etc. You can also setup your account to send you an IM too. I still think my Blackberry Storm’s visual voicemail is more convenient when you want to hear the voice message…my Storm is not working correctly to play the voice message on my phone but it could be me (more likely a flaw with the software).

Overall, it still took me about 45 minutes to create this blog post from using Google Voice but it is my first time around and I can only get more efficient. Also, here is the audio file that was the basis of this post. Cool stuff!

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Dick@paysonweb January 20, 2010 at 10:22 am

This is really cool stuff Matt! I applied to Google Voice and cant wait to try it out!


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