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by Steve Heideman on February 3, 2007

I built my first website in 1998 for a small mortgage company that I worked for at the time.  I have been trusting my technolust ever since :). I spent over ten years in the real estate finance field, and had my own radio show for 2 years as well.  In 2005 I became the executive director for a small start up non-profit dedicated to consumer advocacy in the real estate lending field. Because we were small and on a limited budget, I began blogging as a marketing tactic. I soon found that I really enjoyed it and it was really powerful for getting traffic to our website to grow our membership. That blog led me to be asked by the Wall St. Journal Digital Network to start being a writer and “Guru” for their Filife property which I did for about 2 years.  Through that time web 2.0 and social media really started to explode and I just stayed with it—developing tools, tactics and strategies that worked for marketing my own personal finance business. In one of the worst real estate markets in history, my business actually grew slightly–all because of social media. So, I know first hand that this stuff works!

After meeting Matt O’Brien, I knew that I had found a like minded web native. We began doing seminars on social media for our World Webinar Network in January of 2008 here in Scottsdale.

In December of 2008 I joined Mint Social full time and have not looked back. We have had the privilege of working with some top notch companies and helping develop and execute their social media marketing initiatives. Now we proudly service dozens of clients in several different market verticals. The future of this burgeoning media and it’s power for helping businesses communicate better with their clients and prospects is very exciting and I look forward to finding out what comes next!

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