Top 6 Social Media Marketing Truths and Myths for Generating Leads

by Matthew O'Brien on May 29, 2012

This presentation was given to the Facilitec team and their business partners to accelerate their online marketing by understanding social media marketing truths and myths and for determining the top areas to focus on for generating leads for their business.

This slide deck will help businesses looking to develop a social media strategy, a content marketing plan and with become the most relevant search results in search engines and social networks within a specific geographical area (Geo-SoMo).

Are these are the top 6 questions that are addressed as being a truth or a myth:

  1. You need to have 100s of fans and followers to get results?
  2. Nearly all consumers shop online?
  3. There are 10 spots in Google for being on the first page (SERP)?
  4. If your business has the most reviews in Google, you will be on top in search results?
  5. Creating social media content is a lot of work?
  6. Social media marketing can be automated?

Here is another post to learn more about lead generation strategies with social media and content marketing.

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