Mint Social Announces Case Study Release and Grows Ranking as Top Social Media Marketing Company

by Dave Murrow on June 14, 2012

Good news on the Mint Social front! Mint Social rose two spots to number 6 (from number 8 ) in online rankings of best social media marketing services firms, as ranked by website leader Mint Social was the only one on the list to rise up in the latest rankings, while others in the top 10 moved downward or stayed at the same rank.

Read the full press release here…

Mint Social will be releasing a series of case studies in the coming months. The first, called ‘Secret to Success’ will outline how the new Google Penguin update has boosted rankings of client websites with good, fresh content. Thanks to the updated Google algorithm, new visitors are bypassing the home page and landing on a more relevant page. Sites with good content are experiencing increased number of keyword rankings, more traffic from search engines and Social Media Marketing   Mint Socialmore page views per visit.

“Mint Social continues to place its focus squarely on social media marketing and content distribution on the web to promote clients across many different content platforms,” said Mint Social co-founder Matt O’Brien. “Social media and search engine marketing have collided and it is no longer effective to do one without the other. We see local, national and international brands dedicating more resources and budget to their digital marketing. Simply put, social buzz is good SEO.”

Thanks to TopSeos for the accolade, which follows on equally good news in May that Mint Social was again named as a top social media marketing service by Top Ten Reviews, which refers and recommends top-ranking services in a variety of categories for consumers and businesses. In addition, Review Authority has ranked Mint Social #4 for the past three months running in its rankings for top social media marketing companies.

Top Ten Reviews shared what works right with Mint Social, and how it is able to bring that element of awareness to our clients in fields like law, medicine, real estate, sports and entertainment.

— “When it comes to social media marketing services, Mint Social offers a very comprehensive service. Mint Social uses social media to build your clientele, and while they employ a large host of SEO professionals, their focus is strictly on social media. Mint Social will incorporate a social media campaign into your online marketing plan using techniques for content marketing, brand development and reputation management to help your company.”

Want an advanced copy of Mint Social’s case studies? Bring harmony to your online marketing plan with the right blend of content marketing to make your brand the most relevant in search and social. Call 480-818-6468 to learn more.

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