Going to The Cloud and Solving the Microsoft Outlook Addiction

July 3, 2011

Mint Social is going through the challenge of moving to ‘the cloud’ and we just finished implementing email, contact, calendar and customer management tools that also run on mobile and tablet devices. Easy? It can be. Worthwhile? 100%! Moving to ‘the cloud’ makes sense, if you want to become a virtual business. Chances are you […]

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Google’s New Plus One Button

June 2, 2011

Yesterday Google announced that the new “plus one” button was available for use on personal websites. This new button behaves similarly to the facebook “like” button in the sense that when visitors come across your content and find it useful and relevant, they can give it a “+1” bump.  Google says: “+1 helps people discover […]

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Killer App for Local Search: Geo-SoMo Content on Google Profiles

May 23, 2011

Looking to dominate in local search results? We all make up terms and Geo-SoMo is no exception. Geo-SoMo =  Geographically targeted mobile social media marketing When it comes to getting results (showing up in the top of Google Places), you want the Pin A position. Here are three things to do to help you get […]

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Solving the Content Problem with Your Android Phone

May 19, 2011

Waiting for a Rainy Day to Write a Blog Post? Well, it was raining yesterday in Arizona, did you get your blog post written? Here’s a tip for making writing content easy, especially if you have an android phone. Do you see that little button on your Android phone in the shape of a microphone? […]

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Marketing Automation Success Story: Mint Social (via Infusionsoft)

May 16, 2011

Article by Laura Collins – PR Manager at Infusionsoft: Mint Social has used Infusionsoft for several years to automate workflow. Having an automated task-management system enables the company to grow its client base without having to add staff. I recently sat down with the company’s Founder and CEO, Matt O’Brien, at InfusionCon 2011 and he […]

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How to Search Twitter Like a Pro

April 28, 2011

If you are like me, you probably find Google to be lacking when it comes to some areas of search. For example, Google is not very good at finding recent information. IMHO the best place to search for fresh information on a topic is to use the twitter search function. Twitter searches can supply great […]

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New Facebook Send Button and Social Media Marketing

April 26, 2011

How many times have you found a great link that you KNOW some of your facebook fans will love, but you didn’t post it because you didn’t want to alienate all of your other fans? Well  Facebook has solved your problem.  Yesterday, facebook announced a new “send” button which is similar to the “like” button […]

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Solving the Content Marketing Problem for Social Media

March 28, 2011

Every business has a content problem and also has underutilized content. We have solved the content problem for businesses through a combination of technology and innovative processes (like our soon to be released Geo-SoMo(TM)). If you have a Smartphone and can push a button, we can help your business become an online authority in your […]

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The Ultimate Social Media Content Marketing and Reporting Tool

March 26, 2011

“Is there a way to make social media marketing easy?” (YES) From our browser based social media marketing dashboard, we can: Publish to all the top social social media and blog networks (over 50 sites) Track engagement across all sites; views, clicks, fans, forwards, likes, etc. Manage all your social media engagement in one Inbox […]

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Jennifer Aniston Not So Sex Tape

March 9, 2011

As content marketers, we all want to know what makes a video go viral. If we could only crack that code, we would all be on the fat and happy road to Shangri-La. There are of course no hard and fast rules, but,  in a new web video by Smart Water featuring Jennifer Aniston, they  […]

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