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How Should I respond to Negative Comments?

by Jennifer Beringer on May 9, 2014

When writing blogs, Facebook posts, tweets, etc. it is always nice to know people are listening to you.  It can be encouraging when you see your views and clicks go up over the course of a day or two. Then, you get a few comments.   It is easy to respond to a positive comment.  But what should you do when the comment is not so nice?  Here are a few types of negative comments and how to appropriately respond to them.

Negative commentIt’s Spam or Profane

A lot a spammers out there will comment “love your article from ‘Buy my product at the following URL.’ ”  Others are simply profanity. These comments are the easiest to deal with.  Hit the delete button and forget about it.

It’s a Personal Attack

Again, if someone is targeting you as an individual and not the business you are promoting, first document the comment(s).  Take a screen shot of the comment and either save it or report it.  Depending on the severity of the comment, these can also be removed.

It’s a Complaint

Never delete a valid complaint, whether it’s about your product or service.  Deleting valid complaints may aggravate the writer eliciting future negative comments and bad reviews.  Instead, respond to valid complaints with valid positive responses.  By offering an apology first, then a positive solution, you’ll will be seen as a company that does things right for their customer.

By listening to your clients, you will learn what is working for them and what needs to be improved upon.  Your clients will be happier and you may even start to see more positive comments from them.



content marketing collaboration strategy

Being a music buff, I love all the options we have for catching new and classic music:

online branding modelRecently I watched back-to-back episodes of Daryl’s House on Palladia with a few of my favorite classic rock guitar legends, Billy Gibbons and Joe Walsh. I have to admit that am not a huge fan of Hall & Oats but can appreciate their music and even dig a few of their songs. With all the music options we have today, I have not purposefully played a Hall & Oats tunes but after seeing these two episodes with a few of my guitar heroes, I have a new appreciation for Daryl Hall.

Daryl’s House is a good blue print for content marketing. The genius behind this show is leveraging the popularity of a big brand with a lesser known and sometimes less sexy brand. By making it easy for the big names to just show up and do their thing, Daryl’s House is able to easily persuade big names that may be out of his league or music genre to make his brand more hip while elevating both brand’s popularity. This, my friends, is how we all should be creating marketing fodder for our brands. Here is how it works:

  1. Make It Easy To Participate  - You bring all the resources to the table

Reality Check – Offering to publish a guest post on your blog/social media channels can be flattering, but if you are making the guest do all the work you have a flawed model and participation will be a lot less. You will not get the big boy brands to play along and the old Tom Sawyer approach to getting someone to paint your fence will not always work here.

Best Plan of Attack – Use video with Google Hangouts,, GoToMeeting, etc. and record the interview. You will have a transcript that you can transcribe that is, in most cases, a word-for-word ready to publish piece.

Bonus – By doing a video, you now have a multi-media marketing campaign with video, audio, photos (screenshots of video), blogs and potentially PR for this single event experience. By you taking on all the work, it is hard for the other party to say no. Once they get a feel of your promotion strategy, they will now be looking for ways to participate and now willing to help paint your fence!

content marketing online branding collaboration model

  1. 2. Tell Them Exactly How To Participate and Do All The Pre-work

Reality Check – If you are doing a collaboration piece with a big brand or big personality (expert), make it as easy as possible for them to participate now that they have your buy-in. Do the work for them!

Best Plan of Attack – Once you have your interview approved and published, send your guest all the content they need for helping you with the promotion of this campaign event. Write headlines for social networks; send photos with content for photo sharing and possibly a shortened and original piece with the video embed code for publishing on their blog.

Bonus – You will grow your marketing database by getting indirect access to your expert/guest’s social networks and blog subscribers. Their participation will elevate the visibility and overall response rate.

3. Share the Love (Results)

Reality Check – Once the content is published, we tend to move on and forget about our past marketing efforts. The perception is we should not promote the same post, video, etc. at a later date because it is old news and people will see this and get turned off by the repetition.

content collaboration title repurposing Fast CompanyBest Plan of Attack – Turn this single event into a two month plus marketing campaign by writing headlines that can be published over a period of time. Turning single events into ongoing campaigns is best practices in content marketing. For example, I subscribe to multiple Fast Company newsletters and in the same day I often get the same article with varied headlines and images and I appreciate this creative repurposing strategy.

Bonus – In hopes of getting more collaborative pieces with big brands / online personalities, share the success with your collaborators and turn these results into case studies for making it easier to repeat the process and recruit new collaborators.

Content is tough and finding time to do it can be a challenge. If you share this feeling with me, try the approach above on one of your customers or business partners to build out the process. Once you run through a few interviews, you will find the effort is worth the reward and you may even have fun while creating new business opportunities along the way!

Free Download: The Ultimate Content Collaboration Blueprint Guide

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