Press Release and Social Mention Case Study

by Matthew O'Brien on September 8, 2010

If you do not get the result you want the first time, do it again! This is exactly what we did when we did a press release on Mint Social being named one of the Top 10 social media optimization companies in the US by TopSEOs. Our press release was distributed online through social media, SEO Pr channels and through the local media channels. We were picked up in USA Today along with a lot of blogs, news sites and social networks. The viral distribution and social engagement brought about over 95 online mentions in the first week that we were able to track. A good results but we thought we could do better.

Mint Social in the News

Three weeks later, we called in a favor from a partner of our that does PR. The press release was changed a bit ‘repurposed’ and then distributed through the more traditional ‘Associate Press’ channels. This time, our release was picked up online in Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Business Week, CBS Chicago, USA Today and many more. The social mentions before the release totaled 145 and after this release and through today, we have received 257 social mentions (yes, we published another press release that does account for an additional 39 social mentions).

Overall, here is a breakdown of the results we received from taking one event, ‘Being named a Top 10 social media optimization company in the US’, and doing three versions of the press release (Traditional PR, Social Media PR and SEO PR):

Social Mention Channels

# mentions

Social Networks 16
News 24
Images 4
Microblogs 96
Blogs 102
Other 15


The last thing to point our with this example is that the traditional PR hit a very different market than the social media and SEO PR. It does not make sense to do one without the others.

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