Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Strategy – Visibility Multiplier Effect

Bad taste in your mouth from your digital marketing strategy? Simply have a mint and contact MINT Social. Learn how to revitalize your Internet marketing by putting the visibility multiplier effect into action…building your online brand with digital assets such as video, presentations, articles, images, blog posts and much more that tell your story and attract prospects in search, social, mobile and local results.

Take the guess work out of your online marketing strategy. We make the choice easy. Mint Social is the leader in online marketing that adds a social, mobile and local flavor. As digital marketing agency, we harness the power of marketing intelligence, specific your you business and  build media channels in the most powerful website on the Internet. If you are not sure what this means…we need to talk!

Mint Powered Online Marketing with ROI

Looking to refresh your digital marketing strategy and make your Internet business explode with intense results? We measure our success and the impact of the visibility multiplier with our proven 5 point return on investment (ROI) model. You will see results within the first 90 days of working with us. We will:

  1. Increase mentions and in-bound links through content publishing to multiple online sources.
  2. Improve overall keyword rankings and specifically the top landing pages.
  3. Increase traffic to your website and top landing pages.
  4. Build an online community through social media and content marketing.
  5. Help create inquiries and awareness of your online brand.

We make it easy with the right mix of tasty results. Give us a call at 602-206-8089 or send us an email at empowermint(at)