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“Experts, Powerful, Professional, Approved, Content Engine, Multiplier Effect, Brand Visibility”

Above are some of the terms that our clients and partners use to describe us. All types of media are published to “Your” branded online networks, targeted to your specific audience to drive relevant traffic to your call to action landing pages. The multiplier effect is a result of consistently publishing your marketing content through the content engine that creates 100s of new marketing channels for your business…delivering measurable results.

How do we increase visibility of your brand online?

We have implemented our proven online branding process so many times, that we developed an online dashboard to make it easy for us and our partners to manage and track the results. Along with tools we have developed, we also partner with the best companies in the business to make our partnership a true partnership (we share with you what we know…and give you tools to see for yourself). As a result of implementing our online branding strategy for over 50 companies, we have developed 7 critical online branding initiatives based on our partners input. The 7 online branding initiatives include:

  1. Attraction Engine – lead generation tools
  2. Conversation Relevancy Mapping for all published content to your target market
  3. Content marketing and content creation for blog posts
  4. Article Publishing to the top online publications
  5. Rich media promotion including video, podcasts and presentations
  6. Monitoring and Analysis of Social Media Footprint and Online Brand
  7. ROI Reporting (provided on a monthly basis)

Build your business and personal brand online where your trust and your credibility where 75% of all Internet traffic is…call us 602-206-8089 or email us to learn more.

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