Stretch and Work Your Core to Business Marketing Success

by Matthew O'Brien on June 4, 2013

It seems as I get older, I find that there is more requirement in not only working my core, but also, stretching (as painful as it is). When this is applied to businesses, there is that core set of services (the foundation of what a business does), or how it’s being run, that you need to stay focused on.

Stretching is something that we need to do, daily. This relates to business by stretching beyond what your current comfort level is and familiarity is with things that can potentially help to grow your business. To this point. let’s use the example of social networking, online marketing and content marketing. If you are not stretching beyond the current basis of how you are promoting your business, you may have missed out on using what is now the second largest social network online, Google Plus.

Google Plus second largest social networkGoogle+ has a balance of 26.1% women and 24.5% males, and is about 50% of where Facebook is in a short period of time. What’s more interesting is that Twitter has been surpassed by Google Plus with active Internet users. Stretching and working the core really comes back to staying focused on what it is or what could impact us with an impetus of growth.

The risk we all face both personally and professionally is not being willing to scretch beyond our familiarity and try taking on new disciplines on the daily basis.

Give yourself a challenge to take on a new initiative like learning about and using Google Plus (daily) and then look 30 days to 60 days down the road and see if you notice a change.

My back with in terrible shape about 2 months ago. In fact, 6 months ago, I didn’t even know I had a back problem and it progressively got worse. But, by staying focusing on a daily ritual for the last 2 months, I find myself pain-free today.

Closing on this: If you’re not on Google Plus, the second largest social network online, and stretching beyond your comfort level to apply this to your business, you may not realize you have a marketing issue.

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