Exciting Changes Coming to Adwords Platform

by Steve Heideman on April 22, 2014

As a marketer I get really excited when I hear that something is going to help me get my customers better results from their digital marketing campaigns. Today Google announced some really cool enhancements to the Google Adwords platform. In case you missed it, here is a recording of the live stream from Google this morning (note:scroll forward to 1:04ish–they pre-recorded a long time)


The major enancements are:

    • Enhanced Estimated Total Conversions
    • Bulks Actions & Edits for Campaigns: Update an entire campaign at once vs having to download data into CSV, manipulate and re-upload. This means faster deployment of better ideas and higher converting ads, keywords and campaigns.
    • Enterprise Class Automated Bidding SolutionsGives adwords users abilities once available only in 3rd party tools. There are 2 major types of Automated Bidding Solutions
      • Maximize Conversions
      • Maximize Revenue
    • Enhanced Reporting: Spend less time manipulating data more time finding insights in the data.
      • Easy pivot tables drag/drop: Live data. Makes exploration so much easier because you don’t have to do the extra work of uploading/downloading data. Tool is multidimensional
      • Easily transition between chart types:Bar, Line, Pie
    • Drafts & Experiments-Turns all of adwords into a lab where you can stage/test your ideas before committing to them. The tool can do 2 things: Either Apply changes and go into live campaign or you can turn it into an experiment to run it with a percentage of your traffic and get great real world data to see the results of the experiment before committing to the changes to make more data driven and better decisions.

Google ended the talk by saying that its not about devices, it’s about people. Using the tools that are the devices help us connect with consumers at the right moment and in the right way. The new adwords will help us as marketers by increasing efficiency—no more downloading/manipulating/uploading data cycles that are intensely monotonous and contribute nothing to the insights to be gleaned from the data.

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