Where is your Mobile Website?

by Dave Murrow on April 12, 2012

According to Nielsen’s latest Smartphone Penetration report (Feb 2012), nearly half of the US population owns smart phones. Is your web site optimized for mobile for your customers to find your business online? Find out tips today on how you can learn to better position your web site for the Mobile Generation.


The Mobile Revolution is Here--Are you Prepared?

Your business sits on the brink of a massive revolution – a revolution in your customers’ hands. This huge paradigm shift is happening all around us, changing the way that consumers can search, socialize and shop all from the web-enabled mobile phone in the palm of their hand.

Consumers are now buying goods and services, getting new business opportunities and making new friends with web-enabled smart phones. Across the US, with just a few clicks and swipes of a smart phone, consumers are helping to change the way businesses sells goods and services.

The catalyst for all of this is the rapid rise in Web-enabled smartphones and the mobile technology market. Its huge penetration into the lives of U.S. consumers is more than ‘fast-approaching’ – it’s here!  According to Nielsen’s latest Smartphone Penetration report (Feb 2012) 49.7% of US mobile phone owners now sport the “smarter” types (up from only 36% a year ago). That’s half the US population using their smart phones on a daily basis for connectivity, community and commerce.

Others are estimating that by this time next year, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online.

And just maybe….your customers are searching right now on their phones for your company’s web site. And when they find your site on their phone, how does it look? How does it perform? What steps have you taken for your web site to be optimized for mobile?

google-gomoIf you’ve been behind the ball on this, Google has launched an initiative to help you see the state of your business’s web site on a mobile browser. Google GoMoMeter shows you how your current site looks on a smartphone, and provides a free report with personalized recommendations tailored to how your business can build a more mobile-friendly experience.

Is your web site optimized for mobile? Test it by trying out the site with your URL, and after clicking the “Test Your Site” Google gives you a few observations from the test and then offers to send you a fuller report via email if desired.

With all due respect to Google’s initiative, there’s another component that’s equally important here. Knowing that your customers can FIND your business in their mobile search browser is as important (if not more) than your site performing well once found. Mint Social can help you with increase your brand’s local search presence via its GeoSoMo marketing and online marketing strategy.

The right blend of strategic online marketing tools and the technical know-how to make your mobile site load fast, look right and respond accurately can make all the difference in your business’s fortunes over the next few years. Need help? Contact Mint Social a call to align the look and feel of your mobile site with your SEO and social media marketing goals.

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Jennifer Rai April 15, 2012 at 9:50 pm

Thank you for the great insight. I as an on-the-go consumer am always surfing on my phone on business sites, and am always more inclined to sites that have a mobile version, because they seem more trendy and up to the mark.


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