Killer App for Local Search: Geo-SoMo Content on Google Profiles

by Matthew O'Brien on May 23, 2011

Looking to dominate in local search results?

We all make up terms and Geo-SoMo is no exception.

Geo-SoMo =  Geographically targeted mobile social media marketing

When it comes to getting results (showing up in the top of Google Places), you want the Pin A position. Here are three things to do to help you get to the top of local search results:

  1. Geo-tagged content– Making geo-tagged content can be quite simple, yet sounds difficult. With most phones, you have all the tools you need to geo-tag content (photos, videos and even the content you published). All you need to do it turn on this feature on your phone or geo-tag after you publish in YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, and other sites.
  2. Setting up your profile correctly (or should I say profiles)- We have identified about 25 local search profiles that are either directory or review based sites that can have a major impact on the results for Google Places. Leverage other local search sites by creating profiles and publishing geo-tagged content in all your profiles to improve visibility with Google Places. Google will crawl these sites regularily and pull in the reviews, photos and videos.
  3. Ongoing changes to your profile– This could be as simple as getting your customers to add reviews on your profile, you adding geo-tagged videos or photos, expanding your Google Profile offering with promotions or just adding other components within Google, like Boost. I am somewhat reserved to recommend Boost but this is what replaced the Tags in Google Maps and we will soon know more about this service now that we are testing it out.

Here is another tip: when publishing ‘geo-tagged’ content, why not also update your Google Buzz profile and add Google PicasaWeb as a tab on your profile. Now, your Google Profile will have three components of content to the profile and you can also tie in links with all your other Google properties as well.

Sounds simple? Well, it actually its. To learn more, go to social media marketing company (ask for a demo). View our Geo-SoMo presentation we gave at Online Marketing Summit, Phoenix, June 15-17.

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