GeoSoMo Goes Mainstream

by Steve Heideman on February 28, 2012

Example of QR Code Integrating Offline/Online Marketing. This is a cornerstone of GeoSoMo Marketing.

It’s official—our Geosomo concept has finally gone mainstream.  Geosomo is our own coined term for geographically targeted social mobile marketing (sorry Hubspot—we got here first 😉 ). We first began introducing the concept a couple of years ago when we saw the mobile search and smartphone numbers taking off.  What we noticed in our daily lives is that despite the fact that 97% of all consumers use online media to shop locally, many businesses were invisible in this space.
Our goal with creating the geosomo concept was 3 fold:

  1. Integrate online/offline marketing and improve customer experience by offering enhanced content on products, services and brands
  2.  Maximize local search visibilty by building a comprehensive local internet directory listing  footprint.
  3. Offer business owners better tracking/analysis of their marketing and advertising spend in order to maximize ROI.

Our geosomo process is very detailed and too long for just one blog post to cover in sufficient detail. This presentation the Online Marketing Summit last summer gives a nice high level overview of our Geosomo process:

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