Money Radio Features Matthew O’Brien on Entrepreneurship in Scottsdale

by Matthew O'Brien on November 22, 2014

Recently, David Cogan of Eliances and Money Radio host interviewed Matthew O’Brien, CEO of MINT Social. In the interview, David and Matt talk about what makes MINT Social unique. Matt discussed MINT Social’s biggest differentiator, building an associated press for a business online. Businesses put a lot of effort into their content. MINT Social finds that most businesses have underutilized content (digital assets) that can be repurposed for targeting their prospects (where three out of four people are online). Many prospective customers  never make it to a company website so MINT Social helps to bring this message to where the people are online.

David then asked Matt about what MINT Social does for their clients. Matt explains how there is a big disconnect between the conversation online and how a company positions themselves with the solutions they offer. MINT Social utilizes their conversation relevancy mapping strategy by helping businesses match up with the terminology that their target audience is using online.

By looking at previous marketing tactics, there is often inspirations for content to be repurposed. MINT Social accelerates the marketing results by testing the waters with existing content that is better targeted to connect with your prospects. while the content engine is getting up and running in the first 30 day. It all comes back to building a process for finding and retaining customers.

David also talked with Matt about his involvement in Eliances. Eliances is a place where entrepreneurs align. They hold weekly roundtable meetings for entrepreneurs to bring their expertise and align with other entrepreneurs. He feels that there are quality people at Eliances and this is what really makes it stand apart from other networking options in Arizona. Matt is both an Arizona State University mentor and an Eliances’ Social Media subject matter expert. He writes articles for the Eliances website to help them with their social media endeavors.

Here’s a link to the Money Radio Show:  Money Radio Show with Matt O’Brien


David Cogan:  Thank you Ken, and thank you Money Radio. This is David Cogan again with Eliances. Today, I have a really cool guest with me. He goes by the nickname of Mint. He is a social media and content marketing expert. His company is growing by leaps and bounds, and is known is Matthew OBrien Matt, good morning to you.

Matt OBrien:  Hey, good morning, David. Thanks for having me on the show…quite a pleasure.

David:  Absolutely, and thank you for coming today. Tell me, there’s a lot of social media companies out there. Tell me what makes Mint Social stand out. What makes it unique? You’ve been to a number of Eliances meetings and that.

Matt:  You know, the biggest differentiator is, we look to build an associated press for a business online. A lot of people put a lot of effort into content. We find that most of that content is underutilized. We like to look for businesses that have underutilized digital assets. What we’re really looking to do is bring that content to where three out of four people are online, because unfortunately they don’t always come to your website. We’ve got to bring the message to where the people are.

David:  Absolutely. I know that again, you’ve been to so many Eliances’ meetings. How many Eliancers would you say that you’re working with, or have met, that have helped you?

Matt:  Well, two questions there. I’m currently working with six or seven Eliancers, and I would have to say I’ve probably met close to 200 plus people. They’re all quality people, that’s what really makes Eliances stand apart from everything else that’s in the networking space.

David:  What’s really cool is I know that you were an Arizona State University mentor. You’re also an Eliances’ subject matter expert; so people can go to our website and really learn from those articles that you’re writing and submitting to our website, and helping others, and that. How long has Mint Social been around?

Matt:  We are coming up on our eighth year. We started with this premise of helping companies to solve the content problem, because as you know, doing content is challenging. I was honored to be a social media specialist…

David:  SME, sure.

Matt:  SME, right.

David:  Absolutely. It’s so important and that. You were handpicked because of your expertise, and because of what you do for Eliances, and those that are part of Eliances. I think social media, there are so many different aspects of it. How long does it take for you to typically get a client ramped up?

Matt:  We like to get started within the first month of…we have this deep dive, where we jump into the conversation that is going on online. Then we look at the business, and see if they’re using the same terminology, if the marketing material is really connecting. We typically see there’s a big disconnect. The conversation online and the way of business positions themselves, there’s usually an opportunity.

One of the simplest things to do is look at everything you’ve done in the past, and see if those marketing inspirations have potential to be repurposed. Instead of thinking through everything that you want to think about, a lot of times it’s just easier to test the waters. We build that model 30 days up and running, and then a lot of times we just let that content engine run, and drive in those new inbound opportunities.

David:  Is there a type of client that you work with? Do you with small, medium, large? Eliances is made up of those that are starting, and those that are established, and those that are just gigantic. Is there a specialty of area that you work with?
Matt:  Right now we are focusing on executive brand development and management. A lot of businesses’ CEOs unfortunately, they look just like the company that they’re working for. They don’t have that personal flair that community outreach background that we really want to do business with people. We’re helping executives to connect the dots.

David:  That’s excellent. You may have a chance to meet Mr. Mint, the CEO of MINT Social by going to Eliances and attending one of our round tables.

Matt:  Thank you very much, David.

David:  Thank you.

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