Digital Marketing 2017 Forecast – Entrepreneur Show Pilot with Kimber Leigh and Matthew O’Brien

by Matthew O'Brien on December 3, 2016

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Entrepreneur Show pilot with host Kimber Leigh at the world headquarters of HD Broadcast, thanks to Craig McClure and Eliances. In this segment we discuss the major shift that is happening in the web world and businesses are not paying attention.

In 2017, the impact of these subtle yet substantial changes to digital marketing will be felt by all unprepared businesses.

Predictions/Trends for 2017:

  • Web apps will begin their slow and long declining death.
  • Websites with great rankings and poor user experiences in mobile will begin a slow and then abrupt traffic decline.
  • Local businesses will scramble and play catch-up with location-based search marketing (roughly 90% of all businesses).
  • Early adaptors of mobile first best practices will experience an all-deserving advantage with online marketing and the physical web.
  • Watching video will account for over 70% of our time online.

We touched on a few of these points in the interview with more to share in the upcoming year.  Here is the transcript from the show in November of 2016.

Kimber Leigh:  Matt, you look like you’re so excited to leave your clothes on today’s interview.


Matthew O’Brien:  Thank God.

Kimber:  Though that is not your business, what is it that you do as an entrepreneur?

Matthew:  We market businesses online. We help businesses to get their voice. You can think of us as like an associated press for a business online. We develop the content model, but most importantly we bring the message to where people are. We’d love for them to come to their website but three out of four people never make it there.

We’ve got to find where that target audience is, what message is going to lure them, arguably back to their site or at least get some sort of response so that we can put them into a marketing funnel. We figure out what the passions and personas are for our clients and put a model together that gets their attention.

Kimber:  Do you think websites are obsolete or becoming obsolete or is it truly the marketing aspect that really needs to be relooked at?

Matthew:  Now, you just open up a big question there. The challenge today is some people have apps, some people have websites. It’s got to look good on a mobile device, on a tablet and on desktops. There is a major change going on. Essentially, there is one web that’s being developed.

What’s interesting is the announcement Google recently made. They’re kind of a big name on this space. They announced that they were going to bring on a billion new users in the world, into third world countries that essentially don’t have any Internet connectivity. How are they going to do it? They are going to do it on a mobile device.

What’s interesting is there’s this new realm and unfortunately every business needs a new website, because this new architecture is going to make it so light weight that a website will work offline. No apps, everything is done on a browser, and you can do it on a mobile device. In fact, last couple weeks, Google just said that mobile first will surpass any search results in Google.

Kimber:  You’re getting up to speed with your company making sure that you can supply all the needs of every entrepreneur out there and do it that’s going to best promote their company.

Matthew:  Absolutely. Technology is a challenge.

Kimber:  Yes, it is.

Matthew:  We’re entrepreneurs. We’ve got to run our business. We don’t want to worry about this stuff. It’s just putting the baby steps in motion. In fact, 93 percent of businesses haven’t even claimed their listing in Google.

I asked them, “Are you a local business, a national business, or an international business?” Regardless of their answer, everyone is local, local first. You’ve got to put yourself on the map. We don’t really care about your business until we know who you are as a person and how you’re helping our community. Now, I’m interested in learning about your business.

Kimber:  Yeah, and you have to get your home front fixed first and notice first before you go outside of that. Local first, get on the map, and extend from there. A lot of people, they want to go out there and reel it all back in and work backwards which seems more difficult.

Matthew:  Absolutely, and if you’re international, you’re really multinational. You need to be a pillar of that community wherever your business exists. It’s a different type of thinking. There are a lot of businesses out there that need help. Most of them can’t afford the cost, the maintenance, and the time investment.

It’s this major investment of someone’s time. Is there a simple way to market your business online, do the simple things, and have more free time to focus enjoy life while running your business? We’re not in this to work all the time. We’re in this to enjoy our lifestyle. This is why we picked our career so that we can be passionate about our business.

Kimber:  The simple thing would be to hire to help them. Thank you so much. I see you doing great things for others.

Matthew:  Thank you so much.

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