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What Apple’s New iPad can Teach you About Marketing Your Business Online

by Steve Heideman on January 31, 2010

Earlier this week,  Apple launched their long anticipated new device called the iPad with the usual media fanfare.   While they set up a micro site to deliver the details of the product, a comment on our post about duplicate content vs. content syndication by Greg Head of New Avenue really highlighted what Mint Social has been preaching to our clients for the past couple of years:

I am seeing more and more examples of how search engine activities and clicks are moving off of commercial websites to where the content and conversation is. After Apple’s iPad introduction yesterday, I read 20 articles on the iPad and checked the Twitter stream for more opinions – I never went the website at all. My time was 90% content reading and 10% conversation reading. It’s a content game for sure.

So what can this teach you about marketing your business online? Well, it means that you need to get your message out to where the conversation is happening on the internet. Your website, while important as the central publishing hub of your businesse’s content is really just the beginning. Nobody really cares about your website. In fact, as we have said before,  traffic to websites like yours  only accounts for about 25% of all internet activity. A whopping 75% of  activity on the internet is done on social networks and bookmarking sites.  You NEED to be pushing your message out as far as you can as quickly as you can to the places on the internet that people are having these discussions–I call it the iWaterCooler (Take that Steve Jobs ;)) Now many people think that this means merely reposting your blog post on Facebook and Twitter and 3 or 4 other social networks. While this is better than nothing, it is only a small fraction of the picture.  It is  what we at Mint Social describe as content duplication.  You want to syndicate your content–not duplicate it.  Content syndication is where you take that one blog post and blast it out to 50+ spots on the web that are looking for content like yours. It is the difference between being a parrot or a printing press.

While this may seem like a daunting task, there are tools that can make this a whole lot easier.  We will discuss that in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

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