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by Matthew O'Brien on January 30, 2010

Intermediate Social Media – In having developed websites and in being in the online marketing business for over 12 years, it is interesting to note that  lack of content is always the point when website projects come to a screeching halt. Why is content so damn difficult?

Just about every company overlooks the fact that there is content passing them by every day that are opportunities to promote their business. Businesses do not seem to realize what is content and, a lot of times, consider it a quantity game versus a quality game (this is where most businesses give up… thinking quality content is too difficult to create).

We have been testing the difference between quantity and quality content for many years and we have found that there is a truism,

“good content can be tough to come by.”

Therefore, it only makes sense to better leverage good quality content when you have it to maximize the marketing opportunity. The last post I wrote talked about duplicate content verses content syndication and this post is a continuation of this thought. It is all about good quality content. We know that. So how do businesses solve the content problem because we know marketing and being found in Google is a content game? <Insert Content Engine>

content marketing engineIf content opportunities are staring every business right in the face, having a content engine makes a lot of sense. The fuel for your content engine is videos, articles, photos, audio and so on. My last blog post and all future blog post are going to utilize a metrics of three. Blog posts will be converted into a podcast and market through Podcast channels (using Google Voice) as well as being recreated as articles and marketed through article syndication channels (in addition to blog syndication). Yes, this takes a little bit more work but after all, but if content is tough to come by, why not leverage content in as many different formats as possible. When time permits, we may add a fourth dimension by creating videos or rich documents like PowerPoints with this same content. Wow, now we have a factor of four and if we syndicate these various forms of content out to 100s of the most relevant marketing channels, we are really leverage our overall online marketing effect. We call this the visibility multiplier effect.

The visibility multiplier effect is quite simple. We are increasing your footprint in the Internet world, we call this visibility multiplier effect - Mint Socialyour social media footprint, by creating all types of content and delivering it to where 75% of the Internet is (on web 2.0 websites). Therefore, you can simply take one form of content, like a blog post, and create 2 or 3 other content formats and syndicate them to the most relevant marketing channels online. Think of this as portfolio diversification with your investments.
Give our blog story a test drive – “At what stage are you at with your social media marketing (for you or for your business)?”

Click the image below that best represents where you are with your social media marketing. Then read the rest of the story and engage with us…

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Beginner Social Media Marketing

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Intermediate Social Marketing

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Advanced Social Media Marketing

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Dick@paysonweb February 28, 2010 at 5:46 pm

I like this idea of portfolio diversification but am still not clear on how you take a single blog post and create 2 or 3 other content formats (other blogs?) and syndicate them to the most relevant marketing channels. Does syndication here mean the same as leverage?

I think it just dawned on me Matt, as long as you syndicate your content to another online marketing channel that is DIFFERENT than the one the original content came from? Is that how you do it?
Say you take a blog post and make a podcast, a video or ? Are there really hundreds of marketing channels out there? If there is my content should get a lot of mileage! I have hundreds of posts.


Dick@paysonweb March 7, 2010 at 10:46 am

Hello Matt,
I told my friends at Blogging Wire about you. You should join our little group of bloggers and social media freaks!

Hope to hear from you soon about our little project.


Amy March 29, 2010 at 3:11 pm

I’ve been hearing a lot about article syndication channels, What are some good examples of these?


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