Content Creation Ideas Made Easy – Video On The Road (Part 1)

by Matthew O'Brien on April 22, 2013

Blog post created, while driving and staring straight ahead.

We learn, in content marketing, that some of the best blog posts are those questions that customers or prospects ask us. The question we hear more often is:

“Isn’t content hard to create?” The answer is, “Yes, but with a little creativity, it can be easy,” as I am demonstrating with this blog post.

One of the easiest ways to develop content is to capture it through a recording device, such as a phone call or on your smartphone with a video capture tool. This video is then transcribed to text. We use a transcription service. There are many of them out there. Just Google it.

We could actually do a Google Hangout, and add another person, and do an interview. We now have content, recorded, with words, that can be transcribed. Interviews are always great because you have a back and forth conversation. Do a little preparation, get some questions in advance, and you can have three to five minutes, or longer, of content.

Recorded content that is two to three minutes is ideal for a blog post and is typically 300+ words in length. We look for that number as a benchmark for a blog post. Although, I learned from my friend Arnie Kuenn, our recent keynote at the April AZIMA Event, shared with us that some of the best posts, that have that number one ranking at Google, seem to have this crazy number of 2,000 words, on average, in the piece of content that’s being ranked.

How do you make longer, 2,000 word posts or articles? I’d recommend doing what I’m doing now, using a recording device for making a video or audio file.

  • Record an audio or video when you have a brainstorm idea for creating content.
  • Do an interview of your customers or industry experts.
  • Do a discussion on trending topics with your team.

What are the best topics? Topics that are typically questions asked, either by your customers, prospects or your competitor’s prospects. When you search for things, aren’t you asking a question to get an answer.

Make your title of the blog post as the question and dedicate the blog post to answering the question.

Get ahead of the online marketing game, and get in the content game. It will pay dividends for your business, today and definitely down the road. We will have more driving on the road with crazy Matt segments in the future.

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