Content Creation Ideas for Video Marketing – Video On The Road (Part 2)

by Matthew O'Brien on April 24, 2013

That last blog post was so easy, I thought I’d give it another shot. This time around, we’re going to focus on other strategies for video marketing.

Google Hangouts:
content creation ideas What’s cool about Google Hangouts is how easy it is to use for content creation. Google Hangouts, when you make them publicly available, get published right to your YouTube account. There are additional capabilities built into YouTube that are worth activating. We discussed in our last blog post on content creation ideas part 1, about getting transcriptions of video. Google has an automatic transcription service for closed caption viewing and for creating transcription text of your video. This is a down and dirty way to get a roughly done transcript very quickly.

Why Add Text in Videos?
Search engines, up until now, weren’t able to read or decipher the text in a video. It was just a big glob of code. Now, search engines are getting smarter and they’re actually able to read the text within a video. Google uses this as a relevancy factor for determining where a video belongs in their database and for a search result. You can turn this transcription service on or you can actually get a transcription service to do it for you, which will be definitely more accurate and will yield another form of media for your marketing purposes.

You can leverage this transcription in many ways. Before we get off the video itself and what we can do with this transcription, there are some optimization tools that you can use in YouTube. Putting the physical coordinates of either where the video was created or if you’re a business, and it is relevant for you to be locally relevant within a 15 to 25 mile radius of your office, then add location data with keywords that are on point with what your want your business does will help improve your online visibility.

Let’s say your video happens to be on high-performance motorcycle parts and your business has high-performance motorcycle parts that you sell. Whether people find you nationally or locally, it’s good to reference your business location. In the US, we have this great movement of buying locally and doing business locally. It is another thing to consider doing even if you’re a national company to take the video geo-tag the content. Getting your business on the Google map by reinforcing your business location and address is easily done through videos like this.

The transcription information added to the video, and location data (GPS coordinate info) helps to make your video more relevant when someone is doing a search on a mobile device. Becoming the most relevant business result for terms like relevant to you business, both nationally and geographically, is worth exporting and making the extra effort to do.

The other thing you want to consider doing is taking a look at changing that description in YouTube and adding some of those tags to help further reinforce where this video belongs in a search. Lastly, you can take some of that text from that video transcription and use it as descriptors and information, in not only for the video, but for doing a blog post using the transcription text and embed that YouTube video in the post.

video marketing and content syndication

Taking Video Marketing It One Step Further
We might take it one step further with our marketing efforts by make photos (screenshots) from the video. Use these screenshots to promote the blog post and the video. Not to be overlooked is that we have social media sites love images and photo sharing sites are another great point for content syndication. Additionally, there are other video sites beyond YouTube that the video can be published to. If you do this, consider taking segments of that video to promote the main video and the blog post through little teaser videos.

These are all different ways to take one single event, a video, and turn that into a multi-media campaign (see image above). All this content from one video is a campaign can be t promoted over a two or three month timeframe that you can sprinkle out in different forms of media, over different social networks, and different platforms. Through this process, you will make your message more widespread. Also, you will reinforce the fact that this video pertains to a certain topic and this multi-media publishing strategy will increase the visibility and relevancy in search and social networks. It is worth poining out that search engines like to populate multiple forms of media on the first page. It is sometimes easier to get an image to rank vs. a blog post of page on your website.

This is another segment of driving on the road with not so crazy Matt. See video (please excuse the nostril stare)

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