Automating Content Marketing for the Social Web – Matt O’Brien at ICON12

by Dave Murrow on April 5, 2012

As Mint Social works daily to create better social media marketing content for our customers, it’s important that we have a rock-solid system and processes to organize it all. To help manage our client’s activities, work and campaigns, Mint Social uses Infusionsoft’s customer relationship management software. In doing so, we’re able to organize, prioritize and automate a lot of what we can do for our clients.

Earlier this week was Infusionsoft’s annual InfusionCon 2012, which brings together entrepreneurs, small business founders and web leaders to learn, lunch, link and leverage with each other through three days of presentations, keynotes and events. Mint Social’s Matt O’Brien spoke on learning how to automate your daily work using some of the tools afforded by Infusionsoft’s CRM software.

Matt discussed how parts of clients’ content strategy can be automated and enhanced with the Infusionsoft tools, and Mint Social’s own social media marketing dashboard. Key to this is the understanding that content in itself can be re-utilized for particular audiences at different times.

Part of Matt’s presentation focused on how Mint Social understands content strategy processes and the best way to manage them for optimum payback for clients. These are all helpful processed through Infusionsoft CRM software.

In summing up, Matt outlined how the use of particular content elements can help drive a brand’s awareness on the web. These include the use and re-use of so-called ‘evergreen content’ that can be filtered to different audiences on the web; seasonal and promotional content for highlighted holidays, and other seasonal events related to clients’ activities; as well as those events designated for partners and industry evangelists, and community and charitable engagements.

When all the right tools are combined, with automated process mixed in with real, live content for clients, it’s definitely a win-win for helping clients increase their social media marketing branding and awareness across the web.

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