Mint Social Featured Among Best Social Media Marketing Firms

by Matthew O'Brien on April 1, 2015

Well-known independent authority on search marketing announced the rankings of the 100 best social media marketing services for 2015. Naming the company’s impressive performance during’s meticulous evaluation process, Mint Social has been named the sixth best company in the category.

To identify the best of the best, employs a specialized team of researchers to examine innumerable applicants each month. By continually evaluating these companies and services, provides a valuable service not only to the individuals or agencies offering the top online marketing solutions from around the world, but to consumers looking to find them. undertakes a rigorous process for researching and ranking the top companies offering social media marketing solutions, which involves evaluating each company’s core strengths. Specifically, analysts examine five areas of successful social media marketing projects: TopSEOs

  • Consultation
  • Timeliness
  • Reach
  • Methodology
  • Brand management

The research team also contacts customer references, in order to gain a more in-depth, 360-degree view of the service. To be determined for ranking, each competing company provides three or more customer references. This gives the researchers insight directly from customers and, in some cases, clients contact directly to share their thoughts and experiences about the company in question.

Once the necessary data has been compiled, judges and selects the best social media marketing services in the industry. Based on this detailed research, Mint Social was named as the best performing agency. Those searching for an agency with outstanding customer satisfaction rates, and a history of performance in their industry should consider Mint Social.

Mint Social is a social media marketing companies catering to businesses interested in improving their branding and online marketing initiatives through social media channels and content marketing strategies. Services are provided with a focus on an ROI model to help businesses see quick results. Strategies focus on creating an online community through social media in order to increase brand awareness while improving traffic to the websites of their clients.

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