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New Year’s Resolution – Write More Blog Posts

by Matthew O'Brien on January 20, 2010

Following up on my blog post on “How to create a blog post with Google Voice and more out of frustration with the poor voice recognition on Google Voice, I added another component, thanks to a recommendation from Andrew Greess (, called Vlingo. This is a better voice recognition service. I am using this service for my Blackberry and this is the ultimate in a time saving tool that is essential for Blackberry users for voice commands and dictating memos, emails, for calling people and voice recognition for browsing on the web and it is ideal with Bluetooth devices (testing the quality with this post…we will see).

google-voice_logo_smHowever, I did want be able to use the Google Voice to add audio files to blog posts so I start with dictation to Vlingo, clean it up and then create a Google voice file to create the lazy option on blog posts for those that just want images and listen vs. reading the text. (Note, also testing Bluetooth with Google Voice…let me know what you think). So this technology tandem should help increase blog posting frequency and hopefully quality as well. Let’s see how long I can keep this New Year’s resolution going.

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@RobertVayner April 7, 2010 at 12:53 pm

love the fact that your surfing the bleeding edge of social 2.0 exposure .
the post is a real resource !
im trying to push myself to vlog ,voice-log and this sort of info makes it more exiting.
i also have a client i just took from idea to market (a competitor to silpada,
lia- sophia. AVON type of business where i will stay on as a consultant) that i feel is not just in perfect stage but also a perfect niche, business model for your service. I am exited to be calling your offices next week as i really want them to work with you …I myself have many more betas coming and hope to create a relationship as direct , transparent and positive as this very comment ..

ps. big fan of thesis framework by Chris Pearson and people who use it ; )


Matthew O'Brien April 9, 2010 at 1:28 pm

The only place to be is on the bleeding edge (at least when it comes to social media or as you say social 2.0). Congrats on taking a client from ides to implementation…no small task. Looking forward to speaking with you more on your business and how we can work together.


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